Institutes and Schools

At present, BRACU has 4 schools and 3 institutes.


BRACU also  has seven departments offering different program disciplines.

Academic Programs

Currently BRACU has thirty two academic programs, of those, sixteen are undergraduate programs and the rest are postgraduate programs. BRACU has a trimester system except for the Pharmacy Department, which runs on a semester system.

Office of the Registrar

This Office of the Registrar is responsible for preparing academic scheduling, registration on courses, creation and maintenance of student academic records, academic transcripts, course information, student status, enrollment verification and graduation.

Residential Campus

BRAC University's Residential Campus offers a unique experience for university level students in Bangladesh.

Academic Calendar

The Registrar maintains the Academic Calendar of the University. So that students can find out when the semester begins and ends, when exams are scheduled etc.

Centres and Initiatives

You will find different centres and initiatives operated in BRAC University.