Department: School of Law
Article Published in Refereed Journals

Year: 2015

  • "Constitutionality of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord: Is the Peace Process Valid?" , Ms. Tanjina Sharmin Lead/Principal Author: MS. TANJINA SHARMIN Co-author: N/A Name of Publisher: LAWASIA JOURNAL, AUSTRALIA Volume and Issue: 2014 ISSUE Year: 2015
    Field of Research: Constitutional Law
  • "Right to be forgotten: a critique of the post-Costeja Gonzalez paradigm" , Farhaan Uddin Ahmed Lead/Principal Author: Farhaan Uddin Ahmed Name of Publisher: Computer and Telecommunications Law Review Volume and Issue: 21(6) Page numbers: 175-185 Year: 2015
    Field of Research: Data Protection Law, European Union, Human Rights
  • "The Scope for Trade Restrictions to Address the Lack of Compliance with Fire Safety Standards in Garment Factories of Bangladesh" , Lead/Principal Author: Dr. Md. Rizwanul Islam Co-author: Naimul Muquim Name of Publisher: Journal of World Trade Volume and Issue: 49(1), 153-172 Year: 2015
    Field of Research: International Trade