Department: School of Law
Article Published in Refereed Journals

Year: 2012

  • "Aspects of Violence against Women in Bangladesh" , Dr. Saira Rahman Khan Lead/Principal Author: Dr. Saira Rahman Khan Co-author: None Name of Publisher: The Journal of the Bangladesh Chevening Society. Taslima Yasmin (Ed.) Volume and Issue: Bangladesh Chevening Society, Volume 1 October 2012. Year: 2012
    Field of Research: Law, Human Rights
  • "The Application of the Law of Criminal Defamation to Inflammatory Comments Made on Social Networking Sites: A New Role for an Old Law?" , Lead/Principal Author: Niloufer Selvadurai Co-author: Md. Rizwanul Islam Name of Publisher: Criminal Law Journal Volume and Issue: 36(1) Year: 2012
    Field of Research: Criminal Law