Department: Department of English and Humanities
Article Published in Refereed Journals

Year: 2014

  • "Challenges and Possibilities of Computer Assisted Language Teaching in Higher Education: Bangladesh In Focus" , Mahmuda Akhter Lead/Principal Author: Mahmuda Akhter Co-author: Dr. Muhammed Shahriar Haque Name of Publisher: Harvest Volume and Issue: vol. 29 Year: 2014
    Field of Research: English Language Teaching (ELT)
  • "Reading Dickens Romantically: ?Night Walks?" , Rukhsana Rahim Chowdhury Lead/Principal Author: Rukhsana R.Chowdhury Co-author: -- Name of Publisher: Journal of Literature and Art Studies Volume and Issue: Volume 4, Issue 6 Year: 2014
    Field of Research: Classical Literature