Department: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Article Published in Refereed Journals

Year: 2017

  • "A Novel Approach of Improving Battery Performance and Longevity of the Developed Electrically Assisted Tri-Wheeler Vehicle by Implementing Torque Sensor Technology" , Dr. A.K.M Abdul Malek Azad Lead/Principal Author: MD Jaber Al Rashid Co-author: A. K. M Abdul Malek Azad, Ataur Rahman, Abu Raihan Mohammad Siddique Name of Publisher: Hindawi Publisher - The International Journal of Vehicular Technology Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Technology & Transport
  • "A review of the state of the science on wearable thermoelectric power generators (TEGs) and their existing challenges" , Lead/Principal Author: Abu Raihan Mohammad Siddique Co-author: Shohel Mahmud, Bill Van Heyst Name of Publisher: Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (Elsevier) Volume and Issue: Vol 73 pp 730-44 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Energy
  • "Design and Analysis of Hierarchically Modulated BICM-ID Receivers With Low Inter-Layer Interferences" , Md. Farhan Tasnim Oshim Lead/Principal Author: M. Tschauner Co-author: Md. Farhan Tasnim Oshim, M. Adrat, M. Antweiler, B. Eschbach, P. Vary Name of Publisher: Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Springer Volume and Issue: Vol. 89, No. 1, pp 145–161 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Signal Processing, Digital Communication
  • "Spin-Polarized Tunneling through Chemical Vapor Deposited Multilayer Molybdenum Disulfide" , Lead/Principal Author: André Dankert Co-author: Md. Anamul Haque, Saroj Dash Name of Publisher: American Chemical Society Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Condensed Matter Physics