Department: BRAC Institute of Languages
Article Published in Refereed Journals

Year: 2016

  • "Effect of Audio-Visual Aids in English Language Teaching: A Study at Tertiary Level in Bangladesh" , Lead/Principal Author: Md. Abdullah-Al Mamun, Dr. Sareedur Rahman Name of Publisher: Journal of the Institute of Modern Languages, Vol.26, April 2016 Year: 2016
    Field of Research: English
  • "Examining Learners' and Instructors' Perspectives on the Use of Blended Wiki Sessions to Improve Professionals' Writing Skills" , Mr. Debashismoy Dutta Lead/Principal Author: Debashismoy Dutta Name of Publisher: BRAC University Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences Volume and Issue: Volume XI, Number 1 Year: 2016
    Field of Research: Use of ICT in language teaching
  • "Haggling Encounters in Dhaka’s Local-service Buses: The Uncharted Discourse" , Mr. Shuva Shaha Lead/Principal Author: Shuva Shaha Name of Publisher: New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies Volume and Issue: VOLUME: 18, ISSUE: 1 Year: 2016
    Field of Research: Sociolinguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Microeconomics
  • "Incorporating Teacher’s Self-evaluation into Formative Assessment: A Study on BRAC DevPro Course" , Lead/Principal Author: Mohammad Golam Mohiuddin Name of Publisher: Center for Pedagogy, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) Volume and Issue: ISBN: 978-984-34-0780-1 Year: 2016
    Field of Research: Assessment