Department: BRAC Business School
Article Published in Refereed Journals

Year: 2009

  • "A Comparison of Health Service Quality in Public, Private, and Foreign Hospitals: Perceptions of Bangladeshi Patients" , Professor Syed Saad Andaleeb, Ph.D. Lead/Principal Author: Dr. Saad Andaleeb Co-author: N/A Name of Publisher: Journal of Bangladesh Studies Volume and Issue: 11 (2) Year: 2009
    Field of Research: Quality Management
  • "Borrowing Behavior of Small and Medium Enterprises: Experiences of Some Selected Local Commercial Banks of Bangladesh" , Lead/Principal Author: Moutushi Tanha Anup Chowdhury Afsana Akhtar Co-author: Dewan Niamul Karim Name of Publisher: Journal of Marketing, University of Dhaka Volume and Issue: Vol. No. 12 Year: 2009
    Field of Research: Marketing
  • "An empirical model for optimal deposit contracts: liquidity and bank–runs" , Dr. Suman Paul Chowdhury Lead/Principal Author: Anup Chowdhury Co-author: Dr. Suman Paul Chowdhury and Suborna Barua Name of Publisher: IST Journal of Business and Technology, Institute of Science and Technology, Bangladesh Volume and Issue: Vol.1, No.1 Year: 2009
    Field of Research: Accounting & Finance
  • "Successful Negotiator's Skill: Bangladesh Context" , Lead/Principal Author: Syed Sadrul Huda Co-author: Afsana AkhtarSagufta Dilshad Name of Publisher: Journal of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh Volume and Issue: XXXVII Number 3 Year: 2009
    Field of Research: Management