Department: Counseling Unit
Conference/Workshop Proceeding 

Year: 2017

  • "Impact of Psychological Counselling on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Victims of Rana Plaza Tragedy" , Ms. Anne Anthonia Baroi Lead/Principal Author: Lipy Gloria Rozario Co-author: Anne Anthonia Baroi , Dr. Shaheen Islam Name of Publisher: Asia Pacific Conference on Education, Society and Psychology, South Korea 2017 Volume and Issue: ISBN 978-986-5654-08-5 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Post-traumatic stress disorder, Counseling, Rana Plaza
  • "Influence of Psychological Training on Personal and Professional Development and Group Cohesiveness among the Staff of Residential Campus, BRAC University" , Ms. Safina Binte Enayet, Ms. Anne Anthonia Baroi, Ms. Kazi Rumana Haque Lead/Principal Author: Ms. Safina Binte Enayet Co-author: Ms. Anne Anthonia Baroi , Ms. Kazi Rumana Haque Name of Publisher: Proceeding Manual of the International Conference on Applied Psychology 2017 Volume and Issue: Page – 31 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Psychological Training, Transactional Analysis, Psychodrama, Personal and Professional Development, Group Cohesiveness