Department: BRAC Institute of Languages
Conference/Workshop Proceeding 

Year: 2012

  • "Centre for Languages: an innovative pace in Language Learning and Teaching - making a difference in the context of Bangladesh" , Ms Farrah Jabeen, Ms Effat Hyder Lead/Principal Author: Farrah Jabeen, Senior Lecturer, BIL Co-author: Effat Hyder, Lecturer III, BIL Name of Publisher: Proceedings of the 1st Annual International Conference on Language, Literature & Linguistics (L3 2012), ISSN: 2251 - 3566 Volume and Issue: 1st Year: 2012
    Field of Research: Teaching, Learning & Languages
  • "Engaging students in developing rubrics to ensure learners autonomy" , Ms Effat Hyder, Ms Hasna Khanom Lead/Principal Author: Effat Hyder, lecturer III, BIL Co-author: Hasna Khanom, Lecturer II, BIL Name of Publisher: NELTA conference proceedings 2012, ISSN: 2019 - 0487 Year: 2012
    Field of Research: English Language Teaching (ELT)