Department: Department of Economics and Social Sciences

Year: 2015

  • "Governmentality and Counter-Hegemony in Bangladesh" , S.M.Shamsul Alam Lead/Principal Author: S. M. Shamsul Alam Co-author: None Name of Publisher: N.A Year: 2015
    Field of Research: Sociology, Anthropology
  • "Preliminary Assessment of Impact of Labour Migration from South Asia on the South Asian Employers" , Farzana Munshi Lead/Principal Author: Farzana Munshi Name of Publisher: ILO Year: 2015
    Field of Research: labour migration, economic development, South Asia

Year: 2014

  • "Broken Promises of Globalisation: The case of Bangladesh garments industry" , Shahidur Rahman Lead/Principal Author: Dr Shahidur Rahman Co-author: None Name of Publisher: Lexington Books Year: 2014
    Field of Research: Sociology

Year: 2009

  • "essays on globalization and occupational wages" , Farzana Munshi Lead/Principal Author: farzana munshi Co-author: none Name of Publisher: University of Gothenburg, Department of Economics Year: 2009
    Field of Research: Business Economics, Development, International Trade, Labour Economics, Unemployment, Inequality & Poverty, Open Economy Macroeconomics