Department: Department of Architecture
Book Chapters

Year: 2017

  • "Santal mud dwellings: materials, construction" , Iftekhar Ahmed Lead/Principal Author: Iftekhar Ahmed Name of Publisher: Mileto, C., López-Manzanares, F. V., García-Soriano, L., & Cristini, V. (Eds.).  Vernacular and Earthen Architecture: Conservation and Sustainability (SosTierra 2017, Volume and Issue: Pages: 23 - 28 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Mud architecture
  • "Urban Ecstasy in Dhaka: The Perils and Promises of an Asian Megacity" , Lead/Principal Author: Dr. Adnan Z Morshed Name of Publisher: World Scientific Publishing, London Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Architecture