Department: James P Grant School of Public Health
Book Chapters

Year: 2010

  • "Infectious Childhood Diarrhea in Developing Countries, in Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology: Concepts, Methods, Mathematical Models and Public Health." , Stephen Patrick Luby Lead/Principal Author: Larson CP Co-author: Henning L, Luby S. Faruqe ASG Name of Publisher: (Eds) Kramer A, Kretzchmar M, Krickeberg K Volume and Issue: pp 291-308 Year: 2010
    Field of Research: Global Health
  • "Lives and livelihoods on the streets of Dhaka City" , Syed Masud Ahmed Lead/Principal Author: Ahmed SM Co-author: Hossain S, Khan AM, Islam QS, Zaman K Name of Publisher: RED Working paper Year: 2010
    Field of Research: Development
  • "What do people eat when they have no food? A tragic story of poverty, monsoon floods, and weeds" , Emily Gurley Lead/Principal Author: Emily Gurley Co-author: None Name of Publisher: Dworkin M (Ed). Cases in Field Epidemiology: A Global Perspective Year: 2010
    Field of Research: Epidemiology