Department: Department of English and Humanities
Book Chapters

Year: 2016

  • ""The Culture of Intensive Caring: Educated Bangladeshi Immigrant Mothers and the Politics of Neoliberal Citizens in Britain". In Roberta Garrett, Tracey Jenson and Angie Viola, We Need to Talk about Families: Essays on Neoliberalsm, the Family and Popular" , Lead/Principal Author: Dr Rifat Mahbub Name of Publisher: London: Cambridge Scholars Publications. Year: 2016
    Field of Research: Neoliberal Politics
  • "Secularism and the Women’s Movement in Bangladesh”. In Feminist Subversion and Complicity: Governmentalities and Gender Knowledge in South Asian" , Professor Firdous Azim Lead/Principal Author: Professor Firdous Azim Name of Publisher: . Zubaan Publishers: New Delhi, pp. 209-234 Year: 2016
    Field of Research: Feminism in Bangladesh