Graduates Message

Nahleen Zahra, Economics
It feels like yesterday that I had first come to BU. I can vividly recall my classes till late in the evenings, assignments that could never be finished on time, tests, presentations The rigor of the academic system was beyond my expectations. My thoughts go wild with these memories. Now come to think about it, did I truly go through all this?

I did and all this has certainly taught me a few lifelong skills, I have learnt to live up to my promises, maintain deadlines and have become a responsible person. I have gotten over the fear of speaking in public Hats off to our residential semester at Savar. I have learnt just how far a little smile and a positive attitude can take you.

In the interest of brevity I would like to say that four great years have passed and as I conclude this important chapter in my life I want to show gratitude to my peers by saying:
"Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends whom we choose."

Azad Hossain, MBA
I have always believed that determination is the engine of life. As I leave, I would like to share a few quotes:
Desire is the key to motivation, but it's determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal - a commitment to excellence - that will enable you to attain the success you seek. 
Mario Andrelli Determination and perseverance move the world; thinking that others will do it for you is a sure way
to fail. - Marva Collins
Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. - William Jennings Bryan

Shibly Feroz, MBA
To be successful in your career you should emphasize on five things, positive attitude, common sense, communication skills, hard work and continuous addition to the knowledge base.

Mahbubuzzaman, CSE
Every moment at BU helped me to discover the realities of a student life. The more I got in touch with my teachers and friends, the more I realized that learning can be fun. So each student must take the opportunity to experience life at BU, and grab the opportunities it offers.. I feel very proud to be a member of the BU community.

Fahmida Tani Ahmed, BBA
Knowing what you want from life is one burden off your shoulders. BU will help you in this pursuit. You may experience hardship at first, but eventually you'll come to know that it is all part of your academic career without which facing life outside can be difficult.

Md. Nasiruzzaman Choudhury, CSE
BU taught me many things, but one quality I am taking away with me is 'to be punctual'.

Samirul Haque, CSE
Remember to put your best efforts as 'you' and only 'you' are responsible for your future. You shall be rewarded.

Ziad Bin Hydert, CSE
Sheer determination is the key to attaining success in any endeavor. There will be times when things just won't go your way but that does not mean you will just sit back and give up. Rather be determined and focused and you will surely obtain your objective no matter what the obstacles are. Treasure and respect your friends, be they junior or senior, just remember we are a big family, get involved in various extra-curricular activities - believe me this experience really helps you in your working life and of course enjoy your university life as much as you can because this time will never come back.

Nowroz Khant, CSE
To me being a BRAC University graduate means having been on a journey where I had to work hard, be patient, and where I learnt to become confident and innovative. At the end I found out that I am different from other university graduates. You will have the same feeling when you come out. Be positive in life and keep faith in yourself and the almighty, because there is a beautiful future waiting for you.

Farah Sharmeent, BBA
I am proud to be a graduate of BRAC University, especially considering the fact that we are the very first batch of its BBA program. My four years journey was a rocky one. Initially I found difficulty in adjusting with the system of our university, particularly with the tutorial system. But after my third semester I found that the tutorial sessions are unique and they helped me to study more efficiently. I give a lot of credit to our faculty who really inspired me to take any type of challenge. Every day was a new experience for me and in the last four years I feel I have become fit for all kinds of hardships and challenges. I have found a new person in me who is more confident, inspired, innovative and dynamic. Thanks to my University and faculty for making me fit for the corporate world.

Saria Choudhury, Economics
In order to successfully pursue your studies at BU you need to be positive, hardworking, determined and patient. Trust me you will find yourself to be a winner.

Samina Azad, CSE
BRAC University provides all sort of educational facilities, try to utilize it as much as possible. Be upto-date, be clear about your future goal and drive towards it. We only have one life so enjoy it but make sure that your future is secured otherwise enjoyment will not last long.

Jinea Akhter, BBA
If you can survive at BU you will put up with any challenges that may come in life. I did it and I am proud of it.

Shah Mohammad Azlan, BBA

Studying in a private university has its distinct advantages: the flexibility, attention and co-curricular activities. BU in particular provides the unique opportunity of giving a vast array of choices for cocurricular activities (BizBee, BUPC, AIESEC, BUEC, BUDC and so much more). As I personally believe engaging in co-curricular activities help develop the softer skills, resulting in a better personality I would advice every student to make use of the BU advantages. Good Luck!"