Rules for Registration


1. Only BRACU students, regardless of the field of study (i.e. Pharmacy, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Biotechnology) can register to the competition.

2. Participation of young researchers to address overwhelming challenges. They will hack the computational biology challenges with in-silico simulation using existing tools.

3. Students should register by 22nd March, 2017.

4. There will be in-class/computational laboratory workshop & training for the respected teams.

5. Registration fee will be BDT 1500/participant.

6. To complete the online registration, please follow the link:

7. Lunch and snacks will be provided during the training sessions and on the Hackathon Day.


1. Total of five teams will be selected.

2. Each team will comprise of 4 members including the team captain.

3. There will be 10 hours of participation.

4. Teams (of 4) comprising of BRACU students from diverse disciplines/fields such as Pharmacy, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Microbiology and Biotechnology will work together on computational/data science problems given to them.

5. Only students from BRAC University are allowed to attend this particular event.

6. Teams will be formed by the organizing committee.