Reasons to Attend

This is not an olympiad/conference/workshop or a training program. In this event, interdisciplinary teams will compete to tackle challenges in chemistry and biologyby developing their own computational tools/methods.

  • Participants will have the opportunity to not only explore computational chemistry and biology, but also learn new skills through interactive sessions.
  • The overarching challenge is to make the study of biology faster and more reproducible. 
  • The teams will build biological models of proteins, enzymes and DNA, design their own chemical molecule (existing/new drugs) and calculate the protein/target binding site affinity of their targeted compound for the purpose of drug repositioning and more.

Benefit for you:

The outcome of ChemBioHackathon will form the basis for a collaborative research platform and, may also eventually end up in a research paper!This interdisciplinary environment will surely fuel lateral thinking and help to catalyze novel solutions in drugdiscovery anddesign.


  • Winner Trophy
  • Participation Certificates