About Us

The Department of Pharmacy, BRAC University facilitates the transition from idea to prototype in both chemistry and biology that may lead to new or repurposed drugs products and/or pharmaceutical solutions for better healthcare. Keeping this in mind, we are planning to organize a ChemBio HACKATHON in March 27-29, April 01, 2017 titled: ChemBio HACKATHON 2017.

The event will provide a multidisciplinary forum for disseminating the latest technological knowledge in computational chemistry and biology. This student-challenge event will be an ideal learning experience, focusing on innovative ideas and dynamic solutions. This will be the FIRST-EVER computational chemistry-biology ‘HACKATHON’ in Bangladesh.

ChemBio Hackathon @ BRACU

It is an event where groups of BRAC university students (our future scientists/researchers) will be able to work together on new interdisciplinary projects for a concentrated period of time. The aim of chemBio hackathon is to bring together all BRAC University students with complementary skills and knowledge under one umbrella; theythen can work together to solve an initial computational biology problem and design a future research plan. This will then provide the momentum needed to generate new research ideas off the ground.